Handphone Nokia E63

Popularity of mobile phone design with a QWERTY bar it leaves are rising in Indonesia. For example, such as the type of BlackBerry Curve. With ideas and concepts of business, Nokia is also not behind the recent serial QWERTY bar phone segment in the E series is also no less famous. The latest generation of Nokia QWERTY bar appears again in her series E63. Nokia E63 is designed as part of the E71 series is more "affordable" views of the selling price. Although between E63 and E71 have a similar design, but the E63 body material is made with plastic materials. The E71 is a solid material with the metal.

Of course there are adjustments on the E63 features and facilities. Not found in the Nokia E63 features HSDPA, infrared connection and the recipient of the built in GPS. Beyond that, the E63 have the ability to parallel with the E71, including the use of the type of processor. Facilities E63 camera back to the standard adopted E61i. But to give a touch of the new Nokia E series, E63 mobile phone so that facilities provided flashlight.

Expanse of nearly E63 keypad similar to the E71. There are only a little different, digital keypad E63 felt a bit more prominent. Four key shortcut to the main menu, calendar, messaging and Phonebook participated included under the appropriate screen. Four key role as the earlier one touch key means a key can be set to two different functions of the menu, 'short press' and' long press'. Space is also the key role as a key on a flashlight.

Type and size of the screen match the E63 used E71. Type of display using the concept of landscape, measuring 2.36 inch or 48x37 mm with a resolution of 320x240 pixels. The screen on the home screen more dynamic and feature rich icon. For example at the bottom of the home screen can now be placed icons info notification SMS / MMS, email and so forth.

Quickoffice is a strategic application for the Nokia E series, the E63 Quickoffice version which adopted the capabilities include auto find and replace word, plus more advanced formatting for ease of writing set in the display. Many tools to edit the script it Word, Excel and Power Point. In addition there are active notes, useful to create a message that notes can be combined with multimedia content and wireless presenter English dictionary - chinese.

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