Blackberry Gemini

Although it still would not have the schedule of the rim, but if the rim can meet the target for the government finished building a full service on August 21 selling future, then certainly from a BlackBerry handset back will coloring the Indonesian market. One of them is the BlackBerry 9300 Gemini.

Based on information from XL, Indosat and Axis via Vivanews, Rim has been scheduled for release Blackberry Gemini in July this. But delayed because they need to complete the full-service office selling first. When the rim is able to meet a due, the Gemini Blackberry 9300 can be found in the market before Lebaran later. Interestingly, it seems the handset will be offered with a relatively affordable price, at around Rp 2 million.

In terms of specifications, Gemini 9300 may still be slightly under Javelin 8900. Blackberry camera from Gemini have only 2 MP and quality of the material also does not boast too. However, Gemini 9300 has the memory capacity is greater and WiFi support.

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