Blackberry 8530 | Blackberry Aries

Another CDMA BlackBerry device will be thrown into the market. Aries aka BlackBerry 8530, 'brother' Gemini aka the BlackBerry 8520 is expected to attend in the summer or around the end of 2009. Reportedly, Verizon Wireless, a CDMA operator in the United States has entered into the Blackberry Aries order list.

Although not much information related circulating device, BoyGenius successfully 'kissed' specifications BlackBerry Aries, 'brother' BlackBerry Gemini is scheduled to be launched next week T-Mobile.

According to the data collected, and quotes VIVAnews, August 31, 2009, the BlackBerry 8530 aka Aries has a 320x240 resolution screen and equipped with 1xRTT technology and supports EVDO Rev-A.

To support both these technologies, particularly in data services, RIM is also reportedly pinned Wi-Fi b / g and Bluetooth. In addition, the device that Hunter has also been pinned RIM BlackBerry OS 5.0 and capable 2MP camera.

See specifications Aries, the more apparent that RIM's growing enthusiasm for buried Wi-Fi technology, which previously invested in the Storm 2. Reported, since the tour was released, all BlackBerry devices, particularly those in the list of Verizon, must be equipped with Wi-Fi. Aries and Storm 2 has been confirmed.

No official statement from RIM related price will be given to the BlackBerry Aries.

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